Hide email content on mobile devices πŸ“±

hide on mobile devices

Design is not only about responsiveness. To be able to show appropriate content on different devices is as important. In Mokini you can as of today hide specific content on mobile devices.

You might have created an automated campaign in Mokini that yields excellent results on desktop but that don’t work as well on mobiles since users needs to scroll to get to the call to action.

To solve this problem for you we’ve added the option for you to hide specific content blocks on mobile devices from the Mokini editor:

hide content on mobile phones

Content blocks in Mokini now includes a Hide on mobile switch. To use the feature, simply select the content you’d like to hide on mobile devices and turn the switch.

You can preview the results of the hidden elements in your designs by entering the Preview Mode in Mokini and select “Mobile View” to see how the email will look on mobile after your changes.

Enjoy this feature, and let’s generate even more sales from mobile together! πŸ’΅