Drag & Drop eCommerce Products in Emails

We just released the new awesome feature drag & drop products to help you limit the time you spend when you create your emails. See how it works here:

drag and drop products

In the Mokini email editor you can now search for any product in your eCommerce store and with a click of a button add this product to your email. Image, title, a button with a direct link to the product in your store will be added automatically.

Even price for the product together with currency for your specific store will also be included. It works like magic 🎩 and you’ll never have to copy and paste links, images, titles or prices for your products ever again. 🥳(of course, still always do test sends)

You access this feature by clicking the “Rows”-tab in the email editor, then click on the dropdown showing “Empty” and you’ll see “Search Products” to access your eCommerce product inventory.

Keep rocking and enjoy your day! 🔆