Omnichannel eCommerce Marketing

With Mokini you'll be able to personalize and target customers and potential customers across multiple marketing channels using eCommerce marketing.




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One-click Connect

With Mokini’s one-click connect to your eCommerce platform you will be up and running in only a few minutes with your first omnichannel marketing campaign. After you’ve connected your eCommerce platform the sync between your eCommerce store and Mokini means that you always have the latest sales and customer data at hand when creating your targeted campaigns.

one click connect to e-commerce platform
drag-n-drop email editor

Drag-n-drop Editor

With Mokini you get a visual drag-n-drop email editor which makes it super easy to structure your content, add images add other graphical elements to your campaigns containing emails. The campaign templates available are pre-written and designed email series that you can create with a click of a button. With the drag-n-drop editor it’s also easy to customise these email series to fit your eCommerce store.

Available Campaign Blueprints

We’ve put together templates over all of the best practice automatic campaigns every eCommerce store should be running.

Greet new subscribers who haven't purchased. This will build trust and convert them into customers.

Greet customers on their yearly relationship with your store and give them a coupon to get sales.

Use this campaign to get that next sale from a customer and increase customer lifetime value.

Reactivate your inactive customers. Remember that it costs 5-10 times more to aquire a new customer.

Make sure your at-risk customers won't become inactive customers by having this campaigns activated.

Ask your customers to review products post-purchase. This will generate reviews and sales.

Multi-screen support

With Mokini your e-mail campaigns are optimized for all the screens that your subscribers uses when they open your e-mails. We support different computers, tablets and cell phones. With our predefined templates it’s also easier than ever to setup a new campaign for all these different screen sizes.

mokini e-mail multi screen support
segmented newsletter

Segmented Campaigns

You can create segmented automations as well as broadcast campaigns with a few clicks based on customer’s attributes, engagement and purchase history. With powerful segmentations you can easily create targeted messages for different type of customer’s based on their history. By personalising the messages you not only create a more relevant campaign but aslo increased sales for your store.

Create your marketing automation campaigns in minutes and generate revenue on autopilot. Increase sales and customer lifetime value.

Support is included in all plans. We will also help you with the initial setup and migration from another email service provider for free.

All plans comes without any binding period. We know you'll grow and want to stay if you start using Mokini so why force you? 🙂

Grow your eCommerce store today.

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Grow your eCommerce through personalized omnichannel marketing automation campaigns that’s a breeze to setup.

Ready to grow your store?

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