Omnichannel marketing for PrestaShop

With Mokini you'll be able to personalize and target customers and potential customers across multiple marketing channels using eCommerce marketing automation for PrestaShop. Mokini also works well with PrestaShop multi-store.




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We’ll sync all of your PrestaShop historical orders, customers, products and categories for you when you connect to your PrestaShop store. Then as soon as a new order appears in your PrestaShop or when a product is updated you’ll have the data in Mokini within five minutes.

With all of your PrestaShop eCommerce data available in Mokini you will be able to create smart segments that gets updated automatically as soon as new data comes in . Using our pre-defined templates you’ll be able to create segments such as returning customers, first-time customers, high spenders, at-risk customers etc with the click of a button.

No more need to come up with new campaign ideas by yourself! With the click of a button you will be able to activate best practice campaign templates for PrestaShop that will increase your sales even when you’re sleeping. Some of our automated campaign templates include post-purchase sequences for first-time and returning customers, welcome series for new subscribers, win-back campaign for at-risk or inactive customers etc.

One-click connect to your PrestaShop store and you will be up and running in a few minutes. With the automatic sync between your PrestaShop and Mokini you will never have to export and upload a CSV file manually ever again.

Don’t leave money on the table! Use our popup forms builder to convert visitors into subscribers that you then can convert into paying customers in your PrestaShop store. You can also ask questions in the popups to enrich your data and target your campaigns better.

Once setup your campaign will run automatically and generate sales in PrestaShop for you on autopilot. Example of automatic campaigns could be new customer welcome series, reactivate inactive customers, convert new subscribers etc.

Mokini helps us increase sales

Mokini is a very reliable and easy to use tool that helps our online business to grow and thrive towards new heights. As a fashion brand focusing more and more on eCommerce it's essential to have a service like this to survive. Mokini helps us increase sales through manual and automated campaigns as well as increase our knowledge on how to meet our customers needs using segments.

Ion Kombokis Lancing eCommerce Manager, John Henric

The auto sync has halved the workload

The automatic sync against all customers in our database has halved the workload, but at the same time greatly increased our sales. Mokini is easy to use, yet a powerful tool. We reach our customers in a completely new way.

Fredric Boson CEO & eCommerce Manager, Topformula Healthcare AB

The support in the early days has been invaluable

Mokini is fast and easy to use, saving us great amounts of time. Popups has allowed us to collect new leads. The support in the early days has been invaluable.

Mike Mcdonald MD, Global Foodservice Equipment Ltd

It helps enhance our customer contact

Mokini has helped us enhance our customer contact through automised emails and improved newsletters. The service and knowledge they have is worth a lot to a small size company like ours!

Tiffany Ling-Vannerus General Manager, Beconfident & SimpleSmile

It's easy to use for the non-technical

Mokini is a very easy software to use for the non-technical and there are many opportunities. Mokini has enabled us to send more and better targeted emails.

Henrik Wärn eCommerce Manager, RockFlame

Built for PrestaShop

Everything in Mokini is built for PrestaShop and it's easy to get started using our direct integration to PrestaShop.

Segment your PrestaShop customers with one-click to send targeted broadcasts with more engagement and conversions.

Easy to use drag-n-drop e-mail editor for creating beautiful campaigns.

E-mails campaigns sent from Mokini will fit any screen without troubles.