Email Video Content Blocks πŸ“Ί

Video content blocks are now available for you in Mokini.πŸΏπŸ“ΊΒ The Mokini editor will grab the cover image, add a play button for you and link to the video. This makes it easy for you to add good looking visual links to your YouTube and Vimeo videos in emails:

video content block in email

It’s also super easy to customize the play icon for the videos with different styles and colors so it matches your eCommerce brand.

The reason that the actual video content is not embedded directly into the email is that there are unfortunately many email clients that still does not support this type of media. To make sure your customers can see the video content block on any device and email inbox we instead fetch the data, create the embedded video icon for you and link to the video from the email. This ensures best results for your email sends and the best experience for your customers.