Email Preview Text 💌

We just released a feature that will make it super easy for you to add preview text to your emails to get higher open rates and, clicks and conversions.

Maybe you’ve seen emails like this in your inbox ​? Showing image alt tags (eg. “Logotype”), menu items (eg. “All Categories”) and links (eg. “Is this email displaying correctly…”) is a waste of screen real estate! This is a prime location for your copy and should be used to communicate with your subscribers before the open.

The reason not everyone uses this is because it’s rather hard to implement technically since it involves hiding content in the beginning in the email and one also needs to make sure it works in all browsers. Good thing is that we at Mokini did all that for you so you can add preview text just as easy as adding a subject line.

email preview text used properly

From today you’ll see an optional “preview text” field in all new emails you create in Mokini. This is a powerful new feature if used correctly and could greatly affect your open rates and email results for your eCommerce store.