Wildcard search in Segments

We’ve added some powerful updates to the segment builder in Mokini for you this week. As of today you can filter segments with product, category or tags by the new wildcard operator “containing”.

As an example let’s say you sell iPhone’s in your eCommerce. Then you would have different models such as iPhone 4, iPhone 5s, iPhone X etc. Before you needed to select each and every one of these products. Worst case there could be a couple of hundred (or even thousand 😱) products to manually select. Now you just have to select “containing” and enter “iphone” to match them all.

That’s why we as of today made it possible for you to select the dropdown “containing” and enter any keyword you want these items to match against. It works like a wildcard search.

Enjoy this powerful new segmentation wildcard option in Mokini 💪.