Grow your e-mail list with our new opt-in forms

It’s always been important to build your e-mail list for your e-commerce and with increasing PPC (pay per click) prices it’s more important than ever to convert visitors to subscribers. To make it easier for you to grow your e-mail list we’ve released the new opt-in form builder where you can create popups like this one:


With a few clicks you can change headline, messages and add images to your opt-in form:opt-in-form-settings

It’s also easy to change fonts, colors and backgrounds for your form:opt-in-form-colors

These behavioural settings are also available:

  1. Toggle the opt-in form to show after X seconds
  2. Wait X days until next time the opt-in form is toggled
  3. Wait X days to show the opt-in form again if a visitor closes it

Every time someone subscribes a sequence of e-mails can then automatically be sent welcoming them to your e-mail list and to your store. With these automated campaigns in Mokini you will build stronger relationships with new subscribers and also convert subscribers into customers.

Thanks to Justin who works with Love Coffee Roasters for all his ongoing feedback and a shoutout to Maria from Nordic Design Collective for great feedback on the e-mail form.