GDPR Re-permission Campaigns

We’ve released a new GDPR feature in Mokini to allow for you to easily send a re-permission campaign to get consent if needed. This feature allows you to add a link to an email so that you store email consent for contacts when they’ve clicked the link. You can then easily create segments by using our consent filtering.

Email – Add your Consent link

You can easily add the consent link to any email from a text field by selecting “Special links > GDPR > Consent”. As always please do send a test email before sending so you can see how it all works.

Segments – Filter by Consent

As soon as contacts have started clicking the links in the emails you can start filtering contacts based on “Has given consent for”.

We never give legal advice and it’s important you talk to your legal representative about if you need to get re-permission or not for parts of or for all of your subscribers. In short, it depends how you got consent in the first place from the subscribers on your list. It’s also important to talk to your legal representative about what copy to use in the emails and for the consent link for your business.

Sometimes it makes more sense to instead remove parts of your contacts rather than sending a re-permission campaign to all since you might end up with a low open rate which could hurt your deliverability and prevent good subscribers to give you consent.

Please note that if you need to get consent we would recommend you to send these campaigns no later than the 22nd of May (ideally way before this date). GDPR is not implemented until the 25th of May but since sending will be retried for 72h if an inbox has a temporary problem we recommend sending these campaigns before the 22nd of May.

You can find more details about GDPR and more links about the topic on the EU Data Protection web page.