❤️ Emoji Support in Emails 😀 👍

Mokini ❤️ Emojis! We’ve just released support for Emojis in our drag-n-drop e-mail editor for you to increase your open rates and make the emails your e-commerce store sends stand out. With this new feature you can add all the common Emojis to your newsletter or automated e-mail campaigns in Mokini with a click of a button. Actually, we even support more Emojis than Mailchimp in Mokini. 🚀

emoji-support in emails

Regarding Emojis we use an Emoji standard in Mokini but not all Emojis are supported in all email clients so always test the once you choose in the most common clients that your subscribers use before sending. Hope you will enjoy this new feature in Mokini to increase your open rates and get more sales!  🎉😀