Dynamic Images in Email

We’re excited to release dynamic images in Mokini today! With this new functionality you can create awesome dynamic images by inserting customer data like this in your emails to get attention:

Dynamic Image in Email

​In Mokini you add an image by adding a image as you normally do and then customize it in the email editor sidebar like this:​

mokini dymanic images in email
There are many both free and paid services for creating on the fly images such as these. In the example above I used Niftyimages.

Example 1: Personalized emails for deals

dynamic image sales email

Example 2: One year anniversary greetings

In the personalized one year anniversary campaign in Mokini you can now include these types of images to grab the customers attention and make it personal.

one year anniversary email dynamic image

​Example 3: Reactivation of customers

With dynamic images you can also create attention grabbing reactivation email campaigns in Mokini for inactive and at risk customers.

reactivation campaign dynamic image in email

​The possibilities are endless! Apart from first and last name you can also include other variables using the merge tags in Mokini. If you create something you are pleased with ​please forward it to us since we love to see what you create 😀