Built-in Captcha for embed forms and popups

We’ve released built-in Invisible Google reCaptcha for both embed- and popup-forms created in Mokini. This is a great way to be seen as a high quality sender in the eyes of the anti-spam organisations and will also keep your list quality high. Captchas are enabled by default in all Mokini accounts and are automatically added to all popup forms and new embed forms. The updated code also includes new improved honeypot-fields which stops even more spam and together with double opt-in Mokini you will make it very hard for any spambot to enter your email list.

The way the Invisible Google Captchas work is that it’s never showed to a visitor if they don’t seem to be a potential spammer. This means that the majority of your visitors will never see these Captchas. Only when the visitor seems to behave like a bot, a Captcha is shown.

When you login to your Mokini-account you’ll find the updated code under “Settings > Scripts”. Please note that they are different for each store, so if you have multiple eCommerce stores connected to Mokini you’ll need to change to the relevant store before copying the embed code.