Web Fonts in Mokini


As of today you can include web fonts from Google Fonts in your e-mail marketing campaigns in Mokini with one-click. Since web fonts are not yet supported by all e-mail clients we’ve also included default fallbacks for each font in case that the recipient receiving your email uses a client not currently supporting web fonts. With this update you find more than double the number of fonts in Mokini. Of course, as of today all of the Google Fonts are also available for styling your opt in popup forms that you create in Mokini to get more subscribers for your e-commerce store.

The new web fonts that you can use in Mokini are: Pathway Gothic One, Titillium Web, PT Sans, Arvo, Lora, Merriweather, Merriweather Sans, Noticia Text, Playfair Display, Ubuntu, Montserrat, Source Sans Pro, Roboto, Open Sans, Lato, Droid Serif & Bitter.

Jacob Lönroth

Serial entrepreneur and founder of Mokini. He was placed nr 37 at Veckans Affärers list of Swedens 101 Supertalents, received Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship Award and was recognized by Founders Alliance South as Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

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