Mokini has a new look today 👨‍🎨

Mokini has a new look today 👨‍🎨🖼. The first version of the new user interface in Mokini is being rolled out. As of now we’ve improved the menus and also made it easier for you to know where in the app you currently are with breadcrumbs in navigations.

mokini new look ui

A lot of additional improvements in the user interface is also on its way, among the updates are improved campaign, segment and popup views. Let us know if you have feedback or have a suggestion about other improvements we can make in Mokini. If you have ideas and suggestions please shoot us a message through Intercom in the bottom right corner here. Appreciate it! 🙂

We’ll keep you posted about future updates here on the blog and through Intercom if you’re a current customer.

Your friends at Mokini

Jacob Lönroth

Serial entrepreneur and founder of Mokini. He was placed nr 37 at Veckans Affärers list of Swedens 101 Supertalents, received Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship Award and was recognized by Founders Alliance South as Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

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