Double Opt-In for Popups and Embed Forms

We’ve released double opt-in for both embed and popup forms created in Mokini. This is a great way to stop spam from entering your database and is also a recommendation for GDPR.

Here are some screenshots of the double opt-in feature in action:

1. Visitor enters their emails in a popup or embed form

mokini popup form

2. They receive a confirmation email

double opt in confirmation email

3. They click the link to activate their subscription to your store

double opt in subscription confirmed

The double opt-in are enabled in all Mokini accounts by default but can be turned off in Settings on a store basis. We strongly recommend to keep these to avoid spam and make sure you get great quality emails.

Jacob Lönroth

Serial entrepreneur and founder of Mokini. He was placed nr 37 at Veckans Affärers list of Swedens 101 Supertalents, received Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship Award and was recognized by Founders Alliance South as Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

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