Branded email click links 🔗

Today we release branded click links in emails going out from your campaigns. You will automatically get these new branded click links from today in all your emails without needing to do anything.

Below you see an example of your click links before branding:

standard email click link

And this is how they appear from today on with your domain (“yourdomain” will be replaced with the domain for your store):

branded click link in email

These branded click links will help give you an even better quality signal for your emails and should also lead to better deliverability of your eCommerce email marketing campaigns.

Jacob Lönroth

Serial entrepreneur and founder of Mokini. He was placed nr 37 at Veckans Affärers list of Swedens 101 Supertalents, received Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship Award and was recognized by Founders Alliance South as Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

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